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Celebrating the Great American Worker — You! 

image of a group of American professionals

Labor Day celebrates the American worker — the driving engine behind the most productive economy in the world — and the American work ethic, which led to one of the highest standards of living in the world. All of this comes out of a belief in economic and political democracy. 

When Labor Day first became a federal holiday in 1894, it not only celebrated American workers, but also protected our quality of life by addressing the injustice of long working hours with no time off.

Today, maintaining that productive economy and high standard of living requires that Americans work more hours…. and take fewer vacation days… than workers in any other western country. It’s a difficult trade-off. 

Throughout the years, Labor Day has been the wellspring of many rallies and protests by workers and unions eager to improve work conditions, pay, and the standard of living for all Americans. We get it. 

There is a dark side to all of that work with little time-off.  It’s called high-functioning anxiety. This is a blanket term used for people who live with anxiety but identify as functioning well in other aspects of their life. According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), around 19% of adults in the United States have an anxiety disorder. 

I am one of these people. Anxiety propels me forward rather than making me freeze up. You may recognize this as what people refer to as a “Type A” personality. On the outside, you look productive and your work is amazing, but on the inside, you feel very different. Sometimes this manifests in physical discomfort or even illness or disease.

CBD can help if you suffer from anxiety.

For me, and the millions of Americans who suffer from different types of anxiety, CBD is the best plant-based option for living a full, happy and productive life that celebrates all you have accomplished. 

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