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Modern-day clinical entrepreneur turns personal experience into professional passion

Custom dosing of CBD by an RN helps guide healthcare professionals, dispel myths and provide patients relief

The FDA no longer considers CBD a controlled substance since legalizing its use nationwide, thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill. This move paved the way for entrepreneurs like nurse Jeri Schulz, MSN, RN to start Tulip Tree, a CBD products company, using her clinical expertise from decades as a registered nurse in metropolitan Chicago.

While managing patients she developed a passion for helping others improve their health. Holding a master’s degree in nursing and licenses to practice in Ohio and Illinois, Schulz’s expertise leading dozens of nursing teams at various hospitals, speaks to a passion for placing an emphasis on taking care of those who make caregiving their life’s mission.

This modern-day entrepreneurial story – a woman-owned and family-run business founded by an RN with decades of experience – represents what has been missing in the health, wellness and CBD marketplace, namely professional guidance, education and transparency. 

Schulz’s vision for CBD use, which requires no prescription, includes offering nursing guidance on symptom relief and custom dosing while addressing other CBD companies’ varying claims for product quality and healing. After coming across multiple discrepancies in CBD quality, false claims and dosing confusion with products, she founded Tulip Tree. “Tulip Tree products have zero THC, heavy metals, solvents, pesticides or GMOs. Our products are clean from the inside out both for our ingredients and for a consumer’s single-use dose. Most tincture packaging is multi-dose which causes confusion, misuse and contamination concerns. As clinicians we can personalize custom doses. Tulip Tree replaces confusion with clarity to build confidence in using quality CBD products,” said Schulz.

Schulz knew that dosing and concerns for potential interactions with existing medications skewed consumer comfort levels. Knowledgeable nurses, who represent the most trusted profession for 17 years running, according to a Gallup Poll, are a good source to help dispel myths.

“Our vision is for the influence of Tulip Tree to cascade from nurses and healthcare practitioners, who understand and use CBD, to help their patients address sleep issues, pain, inflammation and anxiety. We are helping healthcare professionals feel more confident when speaking with their patients. This step takes their practice to a higher level,” claimed Schulz.