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Changing Season, Changing Moods 

beautiful fall trees reflected in a pond of water

Autumn can be a very emotional time of year, filled with memories, many of them associated with school, routines, that last great camping trip or day out in nature. 
Fall sometimes feels a bit like a Sunday evening, a time that is so focused on tomorrow. But then, as you get into the rhythm of the season, there’s a linear energy and excitement that carries us forward and sustains us. 
All along the way, there are sights, smells and sounds that remind us of what we might have experienced in falls past. A time to prepare — for winter,  for the holidays, for next year. 
I like this poem by Patricia L. Cisco that reminds us of all the promise and beauty of Autumn.

Sing to Me, Autumn
Sing to me, Autumn, with the rustle of your leaves.
Breathe on me your spicy scents that flow within your breeze.
Dance with me, Autumn, your waltz that bends the boughs of trees.
Now tell me all the secrets you’ve whispered to the seas.
Sleep with me, Autumn, beneath your starlit skies.
Let your yellow harvest moon shimmer in our eyes.
Kiss me, Autumn, with your enchanting spellbound ways
That changes all you touch into crimson golden days.
Love me, Autumn, and behold this love so true
That I’ll be waiting faithfully each year to be with you.

Autumn is also a time when our light summertime mood may wane or become melancholy. We lose sunlight and feel more drained by the colder temperatures and darker days. We also become less active and more sedentary. 
With the change of seasons, as your body acclimates to cooler weather and shorter days, you may find that you need to adjust your CBD dose
Maintaining Balance
Keeping mind and body in balance is essential in helping us survive the winter. By supporting our endocannabinoid system and all of its vital functions, our systems remain strong.
Tulip Tree CBD offers what I feel is the perfect product to help you maintain balance and be the best you can be. Perfect Balance Singles is specially packaged to give you an accurate 20 mg dose of concentrated CBD extract with a sweet, light lemon flavor. SImply hold it under your tongue until it dissolves. Each dose comes in an easy-open, recyclable ampoule to keep your CBD clean. 

CBD doesn’t work for you?

The majority of people who try CBD in one form or another and feel that it doesn’t work for them are either taking the wrong dose, the wrong route, or have expectations that CBD will work like a prescription medication instantly. It doesn’t. 

Taking CBD requires you to check in with your body. It’s not what you feel, it’s what you don’t feel. The absence of sleeplessness, anxiety, stress, discomfort, fogginess. Rate your discomfort, titrate your CBD dose, understand how long it takes to work (depending on how you take it and your metabolism) and be able to assess and rate your discomfort after it has taken effect. 

It’s a balance and very individualized to your specific needs, which is why we include a dosing guide in every order. It’s also free to download from our website

Before you give up on your CBD, we strongly encourage you to reach out to us for individual guidance if you aren’t getting the relief you’re seeking. CBD helps most people achieve the results they need with the right direction. 

Contact us. We’re here to help you find your perfect balance.