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What the World Needs to Know about CBD by Jeri Schulz MSN, RN

what the world needs to know about cbd

For me, my world is healthcare and more specifically, nursing. Nursing is the caring profession and the most trusted profession for more than 18 years according to Gallup Poll. Not only am I a seasoned nurse but I have been a manager for over a decade and have a finger on the pulse of what not only nurses but physicians and other healthcare providers are being asked by their patients. So what are patients and their families interested in asking their healthcare providers? Well, many of them are asking about medical cannabis and CBD. What the world needs to know about CBD can be found right on my website.

They have seen it all over the internet and have heard friends and family talk about it so, as we ask them to do, they consult with their medical professional. The problem is that the majority of nurses, physicians, and other healthcare professionals do not have education about the endocannabinoid system and cannabinoids and so, do not know how to answer their patient’s questions. If they are not familiar with cannabis and have not independently done literature reviews to educate themselves then their answer is the standard, “there is not enough research yet so I wouldn’t recommend it”. This is unfortunate for several reasons:

  • The patient may benefit from adding cannabinoids whether in the form of medical marijuana or CBD or both, and the healthcare provider is missing an opportunity to help their patient.
  • The healthcare provider is not addressing their patients concerns and questions and so leaving the patients and their families to fend for themselves in an unregulated arena of CBD.
  • The healthcare provider is uneducated and unprepared to address a growing swell of information on how cannabinoids and their health potential and doesn’t have a clear direction on how to obtain the information needed.

As a manager with years of being a nurse advocate, I know that nursing is mentally, physically, and emotionally draining work that is not for the faint of heart. Nurses in particular need support and would themselves benefit from zero THC CBD. They suffer from pain, inflammation, insomnia, and anxiety as much if not more than the average citizen. With the nursing population getting older and a shortage looming, we need to take care of the experienced nurses that are taking care of everyone else.

The Tulip Tree CBD Solution for Health Care Professionals

Our products have zero THC and are grown in the US using organic farming practices.

We provide broad-spectrum CBD with all of the complementing cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. We test all of our products and then send them out for third-party testing to ensure that we are providing an accurate dose, free of heavy metals, molds, or solvents and we post that on the website. The packaging is easy to open in individual units for safe, clean, and accurate dosing, everything a nurse or healthcare professional would want in a product for themselves and their patients. This is what the world needs to know about CBD!

Tulip Tree offers individualized products and dosing guidance for our customers based on their needs as well as education about hemp, CBD, and all related topics so that our customers can make educated decisions about products. We support the nursing profession with education and support as well as product discounts so that they can benefit from our products as well as educate their patients about CBD.