ICU Nurse Testimonial

As an ICU nurse and frontline provider in the current COVID-19 pandemic. I have had some wicked anxiety and panic that I have never had before. Going along with that came insomnia and the complete inability to seep at night. My son is a 20 year old college student who has been stressed with everything going on as well. He has been suffering from some significant insomnia, even before this pandemic.
I decided to order the CBD tincture for us. We have each been using for a week now, and we can both tell a HUGE difference.

We are taking our drops before bed, and I am laying my head down peacefully and not tossing and turning, and so happy to say sleeping through the night without any difficulty. My son has also noticed he is less “fidgety” when he goes to bed and is sleeping better as well. (we have tried other remedies in the past such as plain melatonin and magnesium without beneficial results for him). We are both waking up well-rested, without any “residual” effects as a sleeping pill or Benadryl will leave you with.

I am SO pleased with Tulip Tree CBD and the positive benefits we are seeing after just a week. I have started taking in the morning before work as well and can tell a significant difference with my anxiety going into work these days. I am definitely a fan and believer, I am now ordering for my fellow nurses so they too can gain the benefits.

Thank you, Jeri and Tulip Tree CBD. You have made such a huge difference in this nurses sleep and anxiety! I am so grateful.

In good health and wellness,

Tami K.ICU RNChicagoland